Mat Jeffery

Founding CEO

       Tired of being constantly let down by unreliable contractors and sub-standard workmanship, I left the comfort of my project managers role, with one of the worlds leading lift manufacturers, to set up our lift engineering business.

Picking up the work and standing out from the crowd by delivering quality workmanship and great service was easy and I guess we could have left it there but we wanted to achieve so much more; and to do this we needed to create a programme that developed much needed talent to help tackle the sectors shortage of skilled engineers. 

It took a little longer than first hoped but we found a great team of people and began the process of developing the programme, which culminated in the launch of the ME12 Lifts Sprint Team.

What ME12 Lifts Has To Offer

Lift Installations

If you have a lift to install then we have accredited engineers, qualified to carry out the work for you.

Whether it is a straight-forward micro-lift or a complex multi-level passenger lift, we are well placed to deliver your project on time and to a high standard.

Lift Works

Our lift related works team are a resourceful bunch and able to satisfy almost any of your needs.

We provide our clients, such as Canary Wharf Management, with a whole host of services that help them to keep their lifts and escalators looking great.

Project Management

If you have a complex job or are installing multiple lifts in a large complex then we can help.

Our methodologies, attention to detail and experience beyond measure combine to provide you with a professional service that gets the job done and done well!

    We're Excited About our New Sprint Team Programme

When we first started talking to our clients about our plans to develop our Sprint Team there was a great deal of excitement and more importantly, commitment given to support the initiative. The industry is struggling for quality talent and so an initiative of this nature was well received.

Our Sprint Team consists of trained lift engineers who solely focus on installing products that take up to 5 days to install. 

We focus the Sprint Team on these quick, low cost, high volume installs so that we can bring new engineers into the industry or even allow existing lift engineers to broaden their experience and develop their skills.

Picking the lifts carefully, we break the installation down into the most efficient process, build specific tool kits around each lift and develop detailed fitter guides, checklists, video tutorials and engineer competency charts to track their progress of their first 3 months on a specific product.

Currently we have well developed programmes for the Aritco 7000, Stannah Microlifts, and the Barduva SB200. Check out how we developed our Aritco 7000 Product Training Programme to find out more about our approach. 

As a result they receive the best product training, supported by regular toolbox talks in Site Conduct, Commercial Awareness, Health and Safety and Good Housekeeping.

Our Sprint Team lift engineer development programme targets manufacturers and resellers of:

  • Micro Lifts
  • Trolley Lifts
  • Platform Lifts

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Goods Lifts
  • Home Lifts

So if you would like us to add your product(s) to our training and development programme then don't hesitate to contact us today.

Our Vision

Here at ME12 Lifts our vision is to create a centre of excellence for young lift engineers coming into the industry. We are doing this by:

  • Creating recruitment and training process designed to find and train the brightest of young engineers.
  • Finding innovative ways to engage our engineers in all that we are trying to achieve.
  • Providing a safe and structure way to progress through a range of lifts from the simplest dumb waiter to the most complex high rise passenger lifts.
  • Helping our engineers take on more senior positions in order to meet their career aspirations.
  • Staying abreast of latest developments in the lift industry and filtering this throughout the organisation to encourage a wider understanding of the industry we all work in.
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