ME12 Lift Engineers Training Course

New Lift Engineers Training Course

To support the work we are doing bringing new lift engineers into the industry via ME12 Sprint Team we are busy working on an exciting new training programme that all engineers working for ME12 Lifts will be placed on.

This computer based system enables our engineers to learn at their own pace and using whatever computer or smart device they have to hand.

As they progress through a courses modules they answer questions along the way to confirm understanding, gaining points and winning badges and awards depending on how well they do. Once the last module is complete they have to complete one final test before obtaining a final ranking and being awarded a certificate.

It’s a neat little solution with league tables to rank engineers amongst their peers. Course modules can be updated with new information and sent out to engineers to re-complete, courses can be set to force a refresh at regular intervals and reports tell us how well our engineers are doing.

It will also help us see at a glance who is qualified to carry out certain type of work.

The first course which focuses on Personal Protective Equipment, went on the 20th April 2017, for field testing.

This will shortly be followed by our remaining Health and Safety modules before we start moving into other areas which will include:

  • Lift Industry Knowledge
  • Approach to Fitting a Lift (Site readiness, delivery, survey, setting out, housekeeping, basic electrical, cable management, planning daily, weekly, monthly and hurdles)
  • Conduct (Time keeping, language, presentation, expectations)
  • Product Specific Knowledge
  • Commercial Awareness (Contractual period, money matters, representing us and our clients, delays, extension of time and day works)

We also plan to link these to NVQ 2 and 3 to support our engineer’s further development.

What’s more we are developing the modules in such a way as to be able to open up the courses to lift companies and third party lift engineers, so watch this space!