Lift Installers – Engineer Training Course

Our First Complete Lift Installers Course Goes Live

We recognised early on that to engineer great lift installers we needed a great training programme to kick things off.

After evaluating a number of training systems we selected one that we felt was the best fit and started work on putting our complete Health and Safety training modules onto our new lift installer training portal.

Over the last month we have been busy developing the material, setting up the online tests and having one of our lift installers test out the new platform.

Lift installers will now be able to progress through all 10 Health and Safety modules, sitting a test at the end of each one and earning points, badges and other rewards as they progress.

The Modules now include:

Health and Safety at Work Act

Covers the importance of Health and Safety and why the legislation is there to protect all in the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment

Teaches what PPE is required, how to use it and how to care for it.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Construction Site Inductions

Informs lift installers what to expect from a good Site Induction and outlines who is responsible for providing it.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Safe Manual Handling

This teaches the best manual handling techniques and provides guides on what the safe weight limits are.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Access, Egress and Working at Heights

Covers how to access and egress a lift shaft and the safe control of lift cars from above. It also covers working at heights and safe use of ladders.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Safe Use of Tools

This module gives engineers a guide as to how to safely use all manner of tools and how to care for them to prolong their life and ensure they are fit for purpose.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Safe Working Environment

We believe in keeping our working environment safe and clear. This module sets the standards and teaches engineers what the requirements are.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

COSHH is covered in detail, ensuring that engineers understand the risks, how to deal with chemical accidents and what the warning signs all mean.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Fire Safety

This section covers basic fire safety, covering preventative steps, types of fire extinguishers and when to use and fire escape procedures.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation

Emergency First Aid and Accident Reporting

This module goes through what to do when first aid is required and also how to go about reporting the accident.

Lift Installers, Lift Installation