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Never to young to shine light as a mentor

Our second year student Jack Sykes is helping to develop and deliver a mentor ship program for 1st year apprentice students.

Life in the Lift Industry has enough up's and down's for its students.  We could all do with a hand to hold or a point in the right direction every now and then.

As part of our Engineer Development Plan we are getting ready to recruit again and are keen to make the process as efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.  Using Jack who is our first Engineer that is moving through the system we can find out what worked out well and what we could do better to improve.

One of the topics Jack recommends is some support and guidance for first years on NVQ write ups.  Just like any goal or journey there is almost always a most effective route that can be taken and this is where mentoring is most powerful in business and life.  Jack is preparing to show student that path he took but we are keen that they suffer the pain and process of taking the steps themselves.  There are only so many ways to can become a well rounded experienced lift engineer with a full concept of a range of engineering and electrical principles and working hard and time spent is part of the picture.