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Moving into mid-range

As part of our Engineer Development Plan we are moving to the next phase and introducing our Engineers to a mid range product (≥5 day installation timescale). It has been interesting observing the Engineers and learning how much knowledge they have acquired from their work with the sprint range product (≤5 day installation timescale).

Through trial and error over the years, we have come to realise that the key in creating an "Engineer by Design” is best achieved by breaking down the methodology behind the installation and by focusing on the same products/kits this allows greater experience which gives them a quick route to gaining confidence and having a sense of purpose as well as allowing us to witness if key disciplines are being retained in terms of training, house keeping, time keeping and various other important soft skills around the client and team relationships.

Although the process over the last few years has been one of the most painful in terms of business development and learning curves it's refreshing to see 1st and 2nd Year Apprentices growing into more technical roles in a slow and steady way.

We are continuing in our pursuit of developing Lift Engineers by design, while supporting the Lift Industry with Lift and Lift Related works.

If you're and engineer and interested in our process or feel you are not developing within your current role and want to find out more about how you could joining our team then call Mat on 07909845101.

Never to young to shine light as a mentor

Our second year student Jack Sykes is helping to develop and deliver a mentor ship program for 1st year apprentice students.

Life in the Lift Industry has enough up's and down's for its students.  We could all do with a hand to hold or a point in the right direction every now and then.

As part of our Engineer Development Plan we are getting ready to recruit again and are keen to make the process as efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved.  Using Jack who is our first Engineer that is moving through the system we can find out what worked out well and what we could do better to improve.

One of the topics Jack recommends is some support and guidance for first years on NVQ write ups.  Just like any goal or journey there is almost always a most effective route that can be taken and this is where mentoring is most powerful in business and life.  Jack is preparing to show student that path he took but we are keen that they suffer the pain and process of taking the steps themselves.  There are only so many ways to can become a well rounded experienced lift engineer with a full concept of a range of engineering and electrical principles and working hard and time spent is part of the picture.

Engineering by design – Tool Station

In any journey its essential to make movement in the right direction. As part of our Engineer Development Program we have implemented a lean approach to as many aspects of training and installation procedures as possible.

One of the systems although small but effective is the management of tooling within the team and throughout the installations.  Our tool kits are designed specifically to the product installed, and only the relevant equipment is kept to hand and is duplicated if necessary to improve performance as much as possible.

An example is our tool station for the Aritco 7000 that allows the Technical Fitter access to all relevant tools involved in the installation.